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Nanaimo Veterinary Hospital


Lori, Veterinary Technician, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician Lori received her Diploma from Thompson Rivers' University in 1993. She then worked at Victoria’s 24-hour emergency veterinary hospital, Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital, for eight years before returning to Nanaimo. She joined the Nanaimo Veterinary Hospital team in August of 2002, and has been the lead Technician ever since.

Lori has an idiosyncratic poly-dactyl cat named Turbo, who she adopted after he was brought to the hospital by the SPCA for orthopedic surgery.


Lisa, Veterinary Assistant

Lisa began her veterinary support career in 1998 at Guildford Animal Hospital in Surrey. She worked at GAH for thirteen years before moving to Vancouver Island with her family. In 2013 she brought her experience and knowledge to the Nanaimo Veterinary Hospital team.

Lisa is married and has a fabulous 10-year-old son. In support of her son’s current RC racing and mountain bike riding interests she can often be found at the race track or on the mountain.

Lisa enjoys reading both fiction and non-fiction, with a large focus on crime and mystery novels. As a hobby photographer Lisa enjoys shooting macro nature and landscape photos as well as pictures of her family.

Lisa has two Guinea Pigs, ‘Jeffery’ and ‘Hershey’ as well as a lovely Cockatiel named ‘Chevy’.


Sharlene, Veterinary Assistant

Sharlene graduated from Vancouver Island University in 2017 where she obtained a Bachelor's of Science, majoring in Biology, with a specialization in Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecology, and a minor in Visual Art. Her graduating thesis was on the "Effect of diet on green sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis, growth and gonad development." Sharlene has worked on many biology related jobs, which has taken her as far away as Saskatchewan to work on an endangered bird species management project (Piping Plovers). Her passion for conservation, ornithology and marine science also translates itself through her visual art, and photography.

In her free time she also enjoys birding, hiking, snowboarding, mountain bike riding, scuba diving and playing softball. Sharlene has a handsome black kitty named Milo and a fluffy Mini Australian Shepherd named Maggie.