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Time to say Goodbye?

Nanaimo Veterinary Hospital staff strive to make the euthanasia process as painless as possible for both you and your beloved petEuthanasia - it's a word that no one likes to hear or say, but it is a word that comes up on a daily basis at a veterinary hospital. Nor is it a fun topic to write about, but we have had several of our clients suggest that they would appreciate an article about end of life decisions and procedures.

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How to Choose a Puppy

Are you thinking of welcoming a new dog to your family? Here's some insight from Dr. Brett Hayward on what you should be thinking about and what to look for in a new canine pal.

The Usual Stuff

There are plenty of articles that go through the mental mechanics of finding a puppy that will grow to …

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Include your Pet in Your New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year to you and yours from all of us at the Nanaimo Veterinary Hospital. With the joy (and sometimes stress that comes along with it) of the holidays now securely behind us, many people now look toward making a “fresh start” to the New Year, which also involves making New Year’s resolution…

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