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Oral Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs: Bravecto

Bravecto flea and tick treatment for dogsA few months ago, we told you about Comfortis, a new oral flea treatment for cats and dogs. Many of our clients (and staff) have tried Comfortis and have been pleased with the ease of administration and results. We are pleased to announce that we are now carrying a new oral parasite treatment called Bravecto, which, depending on your goals and habits, may be preferable to what you are currently using.

Bravecto, from Merck Animal Health, is a liver-flavored chewable tablet. It starts killing fleas within 2 hours, and has been proven to be 100% effective within 12 hours. It is safe for use in dogs over 8 weeks of age and has been approved for use in breeding, pregnant, and lactating dogs. Trials have shown that the flavored chew tablet is easy to administer, with over 90% of dogs accepting it readily - just act as though it's a treat and most dogs will take it as such. As with Comfortis, the oral delivery method is preferable for dog owners who prefer not to use topical treatments and whose dogs need to be bathed frequently or just enjoy spending lots of time in the water.

Please be aware that Braveco is for use in dogs only, so is not safe to administer to your cats. Like Revolution and Comfortis, Bravecto is a prescription item, so will be dispensed to those patients whom we have seen for a health exam within the past year.

Unlike other flea treatments, which need to be administered monthly, Bravecto has been proven to be effective for 12 weeks (approximately three months.) This means that you will have to treat much less frequently. Although the cost of each individual tablet is higher than that of other flea treatments ($45-$56 depending on your dog's weight), because it is given less frequently, the price is comparable, and in some cases even less, than other flea treatments.

The other thing that sets Bravecto apart from other flea treatment is that it also kills ticks. Bravecto protects against the black-legged tick, American dog tick and brown dog tick for 12 weeks. It also kills lone star ticks, which are only indigenous to the Eastern United States, for 8 weeks. This is great news, as we have been seeing and hearing more about ticks lately; whether this is due to an overall increase in the tick population on Vancouver Island, or just a seasonal population swell remains to be seen. Previously, our other option for tick control was Revolution, which only protects against the American dog tick.

For more information on Bravecto, other flea and tick treatments, or parasites in general, please call or stop by the Nanaimo Veterinary Hospital at your convenience. For more information on our topical flea treatments, and fleas in general, please check out our 2013 article on How to Treat Fleas.


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my dog has sarcoptic mange treating with bi weekly revolution can I treat with bravecto at the same time?


I currently treat with both Bravecto and Revolution for a 13lb mostly indoor Havanese-Poodle in Maryland. Are both of these necessary or will one product cover flea/tick and heartworm?

In reference to your comment above, the Revolution package states, "Prevents heartworm disease caused by Dirofilaria immitis" Above you stated, "Revolution does not provide protection against heartworm, mites and sarcoptic mange - it treats these conditions after the fact. There is nothing currently available that protects against these conditions - all medications work retroactively." Can you clarify this please?

I am seeking the simplest, yet comprehensive plan, yet do not want to over treat. Thank you!


Hi, I too use revolution but like the idea of every three months treatment , which one do you think works best for Flee issues? I forgot to treat last month, so we have flees again, treated with revolution last week, but am thinking about switching.


I am currently using revolution on my dog, but want the added benefit of tick protection, so will be switching to Bravecto. My only two concerns though is A: It doesn't provide heartworm protection, and mites, or sarcoptic mange protection, and B: It doesn't kill the eggs and larvae of the fleas. I have two cats as well and keep indoors, and because revolution kills all life cycles of fleas, I only treat my dog and not my cats. We have never had a problem with fleas as a result for them. So my question is, am I able to use both products together since one is oral and the other is topical? I researched online, but could not find any info about it. Thanks :)