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BC Pet Identification: Tattoo or Microchip?

Nanaimo Veterinary Hospital Pet ID TattooIf you've brought your cat or dog in to be spayed or neutered at the Nanaimo Veterinary Hospital, you've heard us ask whether or not you would like to have him or her tattooed at no additional charge while under anesthetic. Regardless of your answer, you may have more questions about why we tattoo our pets and what the benefits of doing so are. Tattoos, like microchips, are just another means of pet identification. Because collars and name tags can get lost, tattoos and microchips act as permane…

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Oral Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs: Bravecto

Bravecto flea and tick treatment for dogsA few months ago, we told you about Comfortis, a new oral flea treatment for cats and dogs. Many of our clients (and staff) have tried Comfortis and have been pleased with the ease of administration and results. We are pleased to announce that we are now carrying a new oral parasite treatment called Bravecto, which, depending on your goals and habits, may be preferable to what you are currently using.

Bravecto, from Merck Animal Health, is a liver-flavored chewable tablet. It starts killin…

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Canine Obesity – A fat dog Isn’t Necessarily a Happy dog

Nanaimo Veterinary Hospital advises you to keep your pet a healthy weight to avoid problems associated with obesity

By Dr. Jill Harrison

Weight management is a constant topic of discussion and thought in society, but the topic is seldom expanded to include our household critters. Canine obesity can lead to dramatic changes in various body systems such as bone and joint health, heart and lung function, immunity, and skin health.  In addition, obesity can markedly limit the longevity of the animal. In Canada, obesity is the number one nutrition-related disease seen in our canine companions.

 There a…

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