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Indoor Life with Clawed Cats

July first marks the date of the 7th province to elect to ban declawing in cats! New Brunswick joins British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island who have already made the decision to ban non-medical declawing of cats. This is a positive step forward for the welfare of cats in BC and around Canada.

This may mean a shift in our thinking of how we cohabitate with our indoor cats. Scratching is a normal behavior for cats. They will scratch vertical or h…

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Diet Associated Dilated Cardiomyopathy

After reading a very sad article on diet related congestive heart failure in a young, 3-year-old dog, I was struck as to just how important it is to discuss diet with pet owners. Every pet parent I have ever met truly wants the best for their beloved pet and wants to feed them excellent food with quality ingredients. The problem the pet food industry has is the lack of regulations, diet testing and quality control. Although there are guidelines made by AAFCO for minimum nutrient standards, n…

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Worms and Deworming

I love the cute little inch worms crawling around on leaves in the summer. I even had a toy one to ride when I was a kid! These are NOT the type of worms we are referring to when we talk about worms and your pet. We mean internal parasites that eat nutrients from your pets’ intestines, stealing food from them!


There are many different species of internal parasites, but all have the same goal in mind (though they don’t really have a brain like us…) which is to use their host (your …

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