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We are a little sad to announce the departure of Dr. Laura from the Nanaimo Veterinary Team. Dr. Laura will be missed but we would like to wish her all the best in her move back to her family and home province of Ontario.

Dr. James and Dr. Alexandra are happy to help and continue the care for all the clients and patients of Nanaimo Veterinary Hospital.


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Congratulations Lori and Aliesha

We are very please to announce a significant milestone accomplishment for two of our Registered Veterinary Technologists, Lori and Aliesha. Lori is celebrating her 25th year as an RVT and Aliesha is celebrating her 15th year. We are very fortunate at Nanaimo Veterinary Hospital to have such experienced, skilled and dedicated team members.

Registered Veterinary Technologists are qualified, highly skilled, college graduates trained to assist the veterinarian in the delivery of veterinary me…

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As an owner of a new puppy, socialization and early training should be a priority. Socialization is helpful for the growth of your puppy’s confidence, manners and health. Introducing your puppy to many different people, including children in different situations can help habituate your puppy to people. Introductions to other dogs should start with dogs that you know and trust. Socialization will help to reduce anxiety, gain confidence, and can even increase their exercise! Socializing and tr…

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